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wedding packages




We offer 2 types of wedding packages:

* Basic Package - With the basic package you will get  full coverage of the wedding ceremony from multiple camera angles. Making sure to capture your special commitment to each other.

* Cinematic Luxury Package-  This is our most popular package. You get the entire wedding experience. We capture everything from the start of the day, to the end of the day. Includes multiple camera angles of the ceremony, drone footage, reception coverage, and a short cinematic film production of the wedding day. We also provide you with a short one minute video for your social media sites. 

Each of our packages includes a planning session. We want to make sure we capture all the moments you want. During this session we will go over all of the specifics.We know that every wedding is different and we want to ensure that your day is truly special. 

We know that planning for a wedding can get expensive, and we take that into consideration when it comes to pricing. That's why we encourage clients to express any concerns, if our initial estimate is over -budget. We will do our best to accommodate and make sure we're able to give you the coverage you want for your wedding day.  

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